Women Empowerment in AJK

Muzaffarabad – 8th March 2024: Taaleem Foundation is operating 10 vocational skill centers in AJK with partial support from Islamic Development Bank (IsDB). In order to enhance the capacity of these centers, Ms. Masooma Tiwana, President/CEO of American Medical Equipment Inc, USA has generously donated 31 sewing machines and allied equipment. More than 500 artisans are already associated in the program. The number of trainees would increase, enabling these households to improve their disposable family income. The ripple effect of empowerment is poised to sweep through the region. Not only does this initiative provide essential skills training, but it also offers a lifeline for sustainable livelihoods, particularly for the female community.

However, the impact of this endeavor extends far beyond the realm of skills development. By reducing reliance on forest resources and mitigating the need for tree cutting, we’re taking tangible steps toward conserving our precious habitat and combating the looming threat of climate change.