Rehmat Foundation Delegates Applaud TF e-School Solution

On Friday, February 16, 2024, a delegation from Rehmat Foundation, led by Dr. Abdul Qadir and other board members, embarked on a visit to Khanewal schools alongside Dr. Anis Farooque, project manager, and the director e-Learning. The purpose of their visit was to assess the implementation of the Taaleem Foundation’s e-school solution, which has been deployed across eight schools in the region.

During their visit, the delegation engaged in meetings with parents and school heads, gathering valuable feedback on the impact of technology on their children’s learning. Parents expressed appreciation for the progress witnessed and shared their observations on how technology has positively influenced their children’s educational journey.

Rehmat Foundation commended the efforts made thus far and engaged in productive discussions with school teachers and students across all eight schools. Teachers highlighted the benefits of integrating technology into their teaching processes, emphasizing how it has simplified various aspects of their work.

In some schools, students expressed a desire for similar technological facilities to be extended to their friends residing in nearby villages, showcasing the widespread demand for such initiatives within the community. Community members also praised the initiative for its positive impact on education in the region.

The dedication of teachers to embracing technology was lauded, with expressions of gratitude extended towards Taaleem Foundation for their comprehensive training, backend support, and day-to-day assistance in implementing the e-school solution.

The visit underscored the importance of innovative educational solutions in enhancing learning outcomes and fostering community engagement. Rehmat Foundation and Taaleem Foundation reaffirmed their commitment to furthering such initiatives for the betterment of education in the region.