Plantation Campaign in People’s School Tando Allahyar, Sindh

TF-operated People’s School Tando Allahyar, hosted a transformative two-day event on February 22nd and 23rd, 2024, dedicated to fostering environmental stewardship among its students. The initiative aimed to cultivate a profound sense of responsibility towards the planet while instilling a deep-rooted appreciation for nature.

Over the course of two days, students at People’s School TAY enthusiastically participated in a series of activities centered around tree planting and care. Under the guidance of teachers, they planted saplings around the school and made sure to water them well. It was all about showing students that small actions, like planting a tree, can make a big difference

People’s School TAY’s green initiative isn’t just about trees; it’s about teaching students to care for their world. By getting their hands dirty and seeing the results, students are learning valuable lessons that will stick with them for life.