Partneship formed to promote book reading in Schools

In a significant move towards enriching educational opportunities for underprivileged communities, Taaleem Foundation (TF) and Indus Cottage Library Network (ICLN) have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 15th of February 2024. The MOU, signed by Ms. Shagufta Noreen, Chief Operating Officer of TF, and Mr. Syed Agha Noor, Chief Executive Officer of ICLN, solidifies a collaborative effort aimed at promoting literacy and educational resources in TF operated and supported schools across Pakistan.

Under the agreement, ICLN will establish and maintain libraries in TF schools, providing a diverse range of books and educational materials tailored to students’ needs and interests. TF, in turn, will facilitate space within its schools for the libraries and support ICLN in accessing the premises for maintenance.

Moreover, both organizations will jointly organize events, workshops, and reading programs to foster a culture of literacy and lifelong learning among students. Regular monitoring and evaluation sessions will ensure the effectiveness of the program, with opportunities for resource sharing and collaboration to further enhance educational outcomes.

This partnership signifies a concerted effort towards advancing education and empowering disadvantaged communities through collaborative initiatives.