TF Grammar School Sui celebrates Ramadan to instill the purpose

TF Grammar School Sui celebrates Ramadan to instill the purpose, importance and impact of Fast/Swam in a Muslim’s life. The teachers and students participated actively in all the activities because When it comes to Ramadan for children, especially young children, there is no better way to teach them by having fun whilst learning. Engaging them in activities that feed their interests means that they are much more likely to retain information.

Students were told how this month teaches us all to be more pious, disciplined, and how to maintain self-control, while shielding our souls from greed and immorality. But, most importantly, the month teaches how one can improve connection with the Almighty and with other Muslims. Teachers also briefed them about the five time prayers effect on mental and spiritual health. Ramadan’s importance is highlighted through organizing writing competition, calligraphy, art & craft, Speeches, and quiz competitions.