DC Loralai Visits Visits TF Grammar School

Deputy Commissioner Loralai, Mr. Meeran Shah, graced TF Grammar School Loralai with a visit on Wednesday, May 15, 2024.

During his visit, the DC meticulously inspected the classrooms, laboratories, and facilities, showcasing his dedication to ensuring top-notch education standards. Engaging in a constructive discussion with the school’s administration, he confessed to have had valuable insights into the operational dynamics.

Recognizing the importance of quality education, Mr. Shah passionately advocated for enhanced facilities and resources to nurture the students’ growth. His interaction with the students, where he eagerly inquired about their aspirations, exemplified his genuine concern for their future success.

Ms. Humaira Batool, the school’s principal, extended thanked the Deputy Commissioner for his invaluable visit, acknowledging his unwavering support and encouragement.