Ashiq Ahmad Khan visits TF project area in AJK

On Wednesday 21st of February 2024, project advisors Mr. Ashiq Ahmed Khan, a specialist in Protected and Conserved Areas Management, and Mr. Yousaf Qureshi, gathered at the TF Field Office in Muzaffarabad to assess the progress and impact of the “Youth Empowerment and Energy Conservation for Supporting STEM, NRM, and Rural Development” initiative in Pir Chinasi, (AJK).

As the discussion unfolded, they exchanged insights and perspectives, charting a course for the project’s continued success. With collaborative efforts and a shared vision, the initiative seeks to harness the transformative power of youth engagement and energy conservation for the betterment of Pir Chinasi and its inhabitants.

The advisors concluded the meeting with a renewed sense of purpose, reaffirming their commitment to supporting the project’s endeavors. Their presence served as a testament to the importance of proactive involvement and partnership in advancing sustainable development initiatives in AJK and beyond.