About Taaleem Foundation

Taaleem Foundation (TF) is a professionally managed, PCP-certified, non-profit community support organization set up in 1989 by Dr Zafar Qadir who wanted to bring about positive social change through education in Balochistan. Decades later, Taaleem Foundation is now an established development organization, working in the fields of education, healthcare, social mobilization, vocational skills, cultural heritage, surveys & analytics, climate change, biodiversity, renewable energy and developing / deploying technological applications for social sector solutions for integrated community development.

Taleem Foundation’s Board of Directors consists of people from different walks of life who strongly believe in the capacity for collective action that can be catalyzed with technical and financial support to enable people to remove constraints to their educational, social and economic development. It is an independent board that plays an important role in setting the strategic policy directions for the organization and makes the basis behind Taaleem Foundation’s strength and success. It has significantly contributed in educating the government, and bi and multi-lateral development actors on the approach of Taaleem Foundation and the impact that the effective partnerships can create on development of the society.

Taaleem Foundation – a women-led organization with all its offices headed by the female professionals – is the biggest employer of women workforce in the non-profit sector of Balochistan. Taaleem Foundation’s innovative, forward looking and value-based social development approach has encouraged the local communities to adapt to social change.

In education sector alone, Taaleem Foundation is one of Pakistan’s leading organizations for the less privileged; running a chain of high-quality secondary schools and vocational training institutes across Pakistan. Through all-female faculty and co-education schooling, it is focused on empowering young boys and girls through education and access to economic opportunities. Taaleem Foundation is also the biggest employer of women workforce in the non-profit sector of Balochistan. The organization is self-sustaining its schools and field units generate financing through community support and user-charges. Taaleem Foundation governance model is based on private-public partnership and has helped in fostering relationships between the community and the incumbent local administration for collective benefits. Prominent current donors of the foundation include USAID, PPL, UNESCO, Government of Balochistan, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Government of Pakistan.

Taaleem Foundation’s innovative, forward looking and value-based service delivery system has encouraged the local communities to adapt social change. The organization is self-sustaining and generates revenue through community support and user-charges. All Taaleem Foundation’s institutions are landmarks in their communities. Our physical infrastructure is very spacious and well equipped with airy and well-lit classrooms, administrative blocks, play grounds, libraries and computer / science labs to provide participants with a stimulating learning environment.

Recognized as the Social Entrepreneurship Project of the year by a US based think-tank ‘PUSH Institute’ at the University of Minneapolis in June 2005, Taaleem Foundation was selected as one of the two success stories in Asia (the other being the Grameen Mobile of Bangladesh) and invited to share experience for assessing the possibility of replicating this conceptual model in Africa and Latin America to combat illiteracy, poverty and crime.

Taaleem Foundation governance in the field is based on public-private partnership and has helped in fostering relationships between the community and the incumbent local administration for collective benefits. Taaleem Foundation won the Global Good Governance Award of 2016 by the “Cambridge  IF Analytica” during the Global Donors Forum at Istanbul in May 2016.

Towards our innovative approach to qualitative social uplift, Taaleem Foundation also won the SATHA Innovation Award of 2017 during the SATHA Summit at Quetta, Balochistan in August 2017.